Choosing A Reputable Carpet Cleaner For Your Home

Obviously, a carpet cleaning company should have top-notch equipment, but it also needs skilled employees that know how to operate this equipment. It’s not that they don’t own this type of equipment. The problem is that many carpet cleaning companies do not teach their employees how to use this equipment, or their employees are not employed long enough to learn how to use it. This is a mistake.

The best way to avoid this is to make sure the company that you hire has good equipment and certified trained employees. Always ask for written proof of certification, which is the Carpet & Rug Institute certification or CRI.

Error #1: Hiring a Carpet Cleaner Because of Low Prices

A low price is not always a good thing. It could be an indicator of the following three problems:

  • It’s a bait and switch tactic.
  • It’s only for one visit only. This is bad, especially if the job requires more than one visit to complete.
  • It’s because the carpet cleaner is using cheap equipment, low-quality products, and employing a minimum amount of time to complete the job. Unfortunately, none of these things can clean your carpets.

Error #2: Not Getting Enough Information About a Company

Never hire a carpet cleaner based upon the first and only call. Find out as much information as possible about the carpet cleaning company you plan to hire. When was the company established? Does it provide written quotes? Is it a member of the Better Business Bureau? Get answers to these questions before allowing a new company into your home. Don’t fall prey to a fast-talking sales rep. Do your due diligence.

Error #3: Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company that Does Not Offer a Money-Back Guarantee

Reputable companies want to be accountable for their work. If a company does a bad job, you should not be forced to pay for it. Surprisingly, not all carpet cleaners offer money-back guarantees, and if they do, they are usually “limited” guarantees. Before hiring a carpet cleaner, ask to see a written money-back guarantee. Also, make sure it is enforceable and easy to understand.

Error #4: Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company Without Reading Customer Reviews

While trying to sign you as a new customer, a fast-talking sales rep will tell you just about anything. Avoid this by asking for references. Google the company and read online testimonials from past customers. This is the best way to determine if you can hire a potential carpet cleaner.

Error #5: Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Company Without Carpet and Rug Institute (CRI) Certification

Always hire a competent and professional carpet cleaner. This is the only way to ensure you’ll get clean carpets each and every time. Ensure your carpet cleaner has CRI certification. This certification is received by having experience and passing a written exam. This equates to earning carpet care and a maintenance college degree.

Error #6: Hiring a Carpet Cleaner that is Not a Member of Important Trade Associations

Reputable Vancouver carpet cleaning companies are always members of trade associations such as the Better Business Bureau and their local Chamber of Commerce. Such associations have members that practice ethical and honest business practices. Within the carpet cleaning industry, is a highly respected trade association. It has been highlighted on national television shows such as ABC’s 20/20. is known to be a resource for professional carpet cleaners. Hire companies that are members of reputable trade associations.

Error #7: Selecting a Carpet Cleaner Who Uses Unsafe Products

Don’t hire a carpet cleaning company that does not use safe and natural cleaning products. It should steer clear of harsh chemicals, which also includes soaps and detergents. You may wonder why a carpet cleaner should not use products with soaps and detergents. After all, these ingredients clean, right?

Soaps and detergents work to clean laundry successfully. However, they don’t work for the carpet cleaning process. Washing machines require numerous rinse cycles to get the soap out of your clothes. Carpet cleaners cannot use numerous rinse cycles to clean your carpets. If this were the case, it would take days or even months for your carpets to dry.

Besides, your home already has other trapped pollutants and contaminates. Don’t hire a carpet cleaning company that uses unsafe products that could leave behind detergents, enzymes, phosphates, and other harsh chemicals that could also get trapped in your home.

Once again, do your due diligence. Inquire about the equipment and products that a potential carpet cleaner will use in your home. Make sure it doesn’t use a system that can harm you or your family. Hot Carbonating Extraction (HCE) is considered to be the best in the carpet cleaning industry. When compared to other systems, it is the safest available. Not only does it produce less moisture, but it does not leave unwanted residue. Choose the best company with the best equipment and products.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Protects Your Environment

Do you need a good carpet cleaning company? We all know that rugs are part of nearly every home these days. They help create a more comfortable indoor environment. However, they can trap soil, dust mites, allergens, and other pollutants in their fibers. The highest concentration of these pollutants is located where the carpet gets the most massive foot traffic. Carpet can absorb just so much, and then pollutants become spread throughout the home and into the breathing zone.

Getting rid of these impurities means drawing them out of the carpet fibers to prevent them from continuing to infiltrate the environment in your home. The best way to go about this is with the help of a reputable and reliable carpet cleaning company. These professionals use result-oriented cleaning methods intended to extract all the pollutants out of carpets and remove them from your premises. The following are five tips to help you select the best carpet cleaners in your area.


There are several carpet cleaning methods available today. These include; shampooing, bonnet cleaning, dry foam extraction, dry absorbent compound, and hot water (steam) extraction. The best carpet cleaning companies offer a variety of cleaning and restoration services, such as carpet and upholstery cleaning, carpet repair, odor control, stain and spot removal, pet urine removal, along with other related services. Using the best method available that suits your customer’s requirements is vital. You get this with high-quality professionals. You’ll be assured of satisfaction when selecting reliable and reputable carpet cleaners, offering a guarantee to safeguard their customer’s interests.

Focus On The Environment

Truly competent service providers would never leave behind unhealthy residue on your carpets. That is why the best carpet cleaning services only use non-toxic, biodegradable solutions with which to clean your carpets. Even their equipment is designed to leave nothing harmful behind. No undesirable chemicals are present in the cleaning solutions used to clean your carpets and, therefore, there will be no detrimental side effects to think about when it comes to harming your family.

Free Estimates

We always associate cost-effectiveness with hiring reliable services, and that includes carpet cleaners. This is why the most trustworthy services will provide free estimates to their customers beforehand to eliminate fears of hidden costs.

Licensed, Insured Bonded Service Providers

Your best insurance that your family’s safety and security are protected is to select a carpet cleaning company that is licensed, insured, and bonded. You’ll also have peace of mind knowing that your household appliances and furniture will be handled with the greatest of care.

Experienced Professionals

The most effective carpet cleaning professionals consider several factors before determining the best method to use when cleaning your carpets. They take into consideration fiber, degree of soiling, and climatic conditions. The most significant factor is the fiber system of your carpets. Popular fabrics are wool, plant fibers, sisal, cotton, and silk. Using the wrong method can adversely affect its durability, but seasoned professionals would never guess on the content of carpet fibers, so they deliver outstanding results every time.


To improve the functionality and aesthetic appeal of your carpets, you should have them cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning company. You can trust a reliable service provider to take care of your carpets in the best manner possible.

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